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Chairmans MessageEgyptian Engineers Group (EEG) is a private family held organization; we have been in the business for over 70 years. We are among the leading real estate companies in Egypt. Our company is built by a team of talented leaders and hard working employees. They have the highest qualified experience in the sophisticated and challenging world of commercial real estate, with their assistance and hard work our company successfully managed to procure advanced insight into the market we operate in, leading expert services across all our projects. We are proud to promote highly trained staff to work hard and to commit to a persistent level of quality and proficiencyClients NeedsOur mission is to consistently satisfy our clients and the Egyptian market. Proudly we can say that we have always been entrepreneurs in the market, by being the first to introduced the malls' concept, entertainment parks, residential compounds and much more. Since then we decided to invest and grow for one main reason and that is to satisfy our clients' needs.. Now that we have nearly accomplished what we coveted for the regional market, we are looking forward to expand further more. We work hard to deliver on our promises in a way that assured our reliability and value to our clients' and to introduce what is new and suitable to our beloved Egypt. We constantly endeavor to improve and to gain our clients' trust, and to fulfill our 70 years' reputation.Finally on behalf of the board members, we would like to thank our employees for their hard work and enthusiasm; moreover appreciating our clients' trust in our company and our projects. We promise and look forward to keep renovating, modernizing and improving to gain more trust and continuously elevate our reputation.